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Tiki Tower System Instructions

Congratulations on your purchase of a Tiki Tower System!

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to show you how fantastic Tiki Sangria on tap can be.

As you might have noticed, your Tiki System is (almost) fully assembled, so please follow these simple instructions to make sure everything is correct, tight, and ready to dispense.

  1. Take everything out of the box. Double check! You should have:
    1. Tiki Tower (with hose)
    2. Hand Pump (with connector)
  1. Slide the Tiki Tower onto your bar and clamp into place using the vice-like contraption at the base. Ensure it is clamped on securely by turning the base ring clockwise until you can’t turn it anymore. Depending on your bar-top, you may want to use buffering material between the bar-top and the underneath of the “box” part of the Tiki Tower.
  1. Make sure all connections are tight:
    1. Hose to Shank: inside the tower, you will find that the hose is connected to the shank and held in place using a snap clamp.
    2. Shank: held in place by a lock nut. Please ensure the lock nut is tight.
    3. Faucet: Please ensure it is hand-tight and pointing straight down
  1. Place a Tiki Sangria coaster, towel or sponge on the drip ledge to catch any excess Sangria after pouring a glass or pitcher.
  1. Take the end of the hose not connected to the Tiki Tower and check the wing nut. If there isn’t a rubber gasket inside of the wing nut, we taped a couple inside the Tiki Tower as replacements. Double check!
  1. Fasten the wing-nut to the top of the KeyKeg coupler (sold separately) by turning it clockwise until tight.
  1. Tap the Tiki Sangria keg. It isn’t pressurized like a keg of beer, so be gentle and take your time.
  1. Take the hand pump and check the connector for a rubber gasket. Once you have checked it’s there, fasten the hand pump onto the side of the KeyKeg coupler. 
  1. Pump it 10-15 times and pour yourself a glass of Tiki Sangria. You’ve earned it!


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